Building works

VIGIRA Ltd, which is located in the Mazeikiai region, Uzvente village, provide high quality and fast construction and greenery planting works in the north western part of Lithuania. We use our own or customers' materials. Company’s staff is equipped with necessary tools and equipment.

Building works:

• Mine and drill foundations for buildings and fences.

• Renovate roofs.

• Connect home sewers to the existing sewer networks (working with PVC pipe systems).

• Install the paving blocks.

Greenery Planting Works:

• Prepare and implement greenery planting projects.

• Maintain implemented projects.

• Prepare planting projects and supervise individual graves.

We sign contracts with all our customers and provide expenses estimation for all works. We provide and deliver to the site the required materials. If our customers request, we take care of all the materials necessary for the work.